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Pantai Manis Papar – 30m

Time 2 Programme

Project Description:
Efforts on the implementation of Time 2 began in April 2004 when the Minister of Energy, Water and Communications sought the engagement and participation of the industry to assist in achieving full cellular coverage for Malaysians by end 2006. Time 2 covers the nation with focus on four main areas: tourist spots, industrial areas, major highways and major cities and towns. Project Time 2 achieved 98% completion as of 31 December 2007 while CTT achieved 100% completion (105 towers).

Kota Kinabalu

Federal Government Building, Kota KinabaluFederal Government Building
UMS Water Tank, Kota KinabaluUMS Water Tank
Kepayan Ridge, Kota KinabaluKepayan Ridge
Kg Numbak, Kota KinabaluKg Numbak

Pulutan, Kota KinabaluPulutan
Repco, Kota KinabaluRepco


R12-lokkawi, PenampangR12 Lokawi
Monsopiad, PenampangMonsopiad


Limau-limauan, PaparLimau-Limauan


Taman Megah, SandakanTaman Megah

Time 3 Programme

Project Description :

In 2009, under the direction of Government to further expand cellular coverage nationwide, a new programme known as Time 3 was implemented. The objective of this program is to increase the national cellular coverage to 97% population by 2011. The Time 3 programme is targeted at extreme rural areas and villages with the population density of below 80 persons per square kilometers. Key target areas include FELDA, FELCRA, plantations, Orang Asli settlements, new tourist spots and significant federal highway areas._ Time 3 Programme is implemented through the concept of Private-Public Partnership whereby the cost for the project is shared between the cellular service providers and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). MCMC, through the USP Fund will fund 212 sites grouped into 11 Clusters under Phase 2 in Sabah. MCMC awarded 17 sites (Cluster 44) located at Keningau and Nabawan to CTT in July 2011 and expected to be completed in December 2011. CTT successfully completed 16 sites by December 2011 and the last site located at Pagalungan, Nabawan in January 2012.


Kg Tulid, Keningau (Completion Dec 2011) Kg Tulid (Completion Dec 2011)

Kg Tongulun Jaya, Keningau (Completion Nov 2011)Kg Tongulun (Completion Nov 2011)
Kg Sinulihan, Keningau (Completion Nov 2011) Kg Sinulihan (Completion Nov 2011)
Kg Senagang Ulu, Keningau (Completion Dec 2011) Kg Senagang (Completion Dec 2011)

Kg Mosopoh, Keningau (Completion Nov 2011)Kg Mosopoh (Completion Nov 2011)
Kg Kandang Besar, Keningau (Completion Nov 2011) Kg Kandang Besar(Completion Nov 2011)
Kg Kapayan Lama, Keningau (Completion Nov 2011) Kg Kapayan Lama (Completion Nov 2011)
Kg Karamatoi Ulu, Keningau (Completion Dec 2011) Kg Karamatoi Ulu (Completion Dec 2011)

Kg Kebulu, Keningau (Completion Nov 2011)Kg Kebulu (Completion Nov 2011)
Kg Lanas, Keningau (Completion Dec 2011) Kg Lanas (Completion Nov 2011)
Kg Mampisas, Keningau (Completion Dec 2011)Kg Mampisas (Completion Nov 2011)


Kg Takul, Nabawan (Completion Dec 2011)Kg Takul (Completion Dec 2011)
Salarom Taka, Nabawan (Completion Dec 2011)Salarom Taka (Completion Dec 2011)
Kg Matiku, Nabawan (Completion Dec 2011)Kg Matiku (Completion Dec 2011)
Pegalungan, Nabawan (Completion Jan 2012)Pegalungan (Completion Jan 2012)

Kg Tataluan, Nabawan (Completion Dec 2011)Kg Tataluan (Completion Dec 2011)