Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy


WHSSB Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy

In line with the national agenda and the Sabah State Government’s efforts to combat corruption, WHSSB on 12 December 2017 had executed the Corruption Free Pledge which was sanctioned by the Board on 5 December 2017.

By virtue of the introduction of the new Corporate Criminal Liability for Corruption under S.17 A of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act (MACC Act) with effect 1 June 2020, this Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy Statement is drawn up for Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd (WHSSB) group of companies.

In addition, WHSSB shall adhere and adopt further measures directed by the Sabah State Government (SSG) vide the State Secretary Circular No. 2 Year 2019 [Ref: JKM(S) 100-4/62(18)] in particular on the formation of an Integrity Unit entasked with implementation and supervisory of antibribery and corruption measures in all State Government Linked Companies (GLCs).

Besides this, WHSSB shall carry out various initiatives towards the enhancement of Corporate Governance and Integrity System in compliance with S.17 A MACC Act.